Urgel III

This fantastic stallion was bred by D. Manuel Danvila Diaz de Isla of the distinguished Yeguada Quintanilla Sociguenza in northern Spain, who sells horses to only a select few. His personal horse, Urgel was kept for Danvila’s pleasure and trained in Madrid for riding and carriage

We were only able to purchase this exceptional breeding stallion with the assistance of our German friends, Peter and Gisela Engel. The Engels are breeders of Andalusians as well, and close friends of D. Manuel Danvila. Danvila considers his horses his children. A nobleman related to the king of Spain, Danvila and his stock are not available to the general public and difficult to approach without a recommendation. He has some very old, rare, and important Cartujano lines in his herd and is well known to the serious breeders of PRE in Spain, yet elusive even to them. Urgel III is the only horse in the U.S. from this distinguished breeder. His genetic makeup guarantees the consistent quality of his offspring: he has produced only outstanding foals that have his conformation, power, movement, kindness, and love for people.

Sadly, we have sold Urgel to someone who promised to stay in touch with us and let us know how he is doing. He has disappeared and we have no idea where he is or what has happened to him, if he is even still alive. His papers were never even transferred to the new owners name, who said he was going to use him as foundation stallion for his breeding program. We are heartbroken over loosing this gentle soul – if you are aware of his whereabouts, please contact us privately.


Urgel III

Rancho Andalucia Foundation Stallion
Revised P.R.E. Imported from Spain

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