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Jalisco Dominante Offspring

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Jalisco Dominante

16.3H Black Bay ANCCE Revised P.R.E.

Jalisco Dominante

"... had near perfect scores at revision, with one revision veterinarian stating the was one of the most beautiful horses in the U.S."


Dominante XXIX by Sedona LA , born May 5 th, 2008

Breathtaking black/bay, 17 h revised PRE stallion that is turning heads and drawing a crowd wherever he goes.

In 2013, he earned 5 National Champion titles, 2 Reserve National Champion titles, and was shown at a few other shows that year, each time winning Champion titles and mesmerizing the crowd with his beauty and charisma.

In 2014, he was shown at various other shows, including the Region 5 and Region 6, where he earned USEF Champion and Reserve Champion titles, as well as at the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas, coming home with numerous Champion and Supreme Champion titles.

Jalisco Dominante has so many Champion and Grand Champion titles, too many to list. He comes from a long line of prestigious dressage champions, both national and international. In his veins flows the blood of some of the most famous PRE horses of this and the past century. His sire, Dominante XXIX, a qualified stallion, was imported from Spain, and is competing successfully at the Grand Prix level in the US open dressage circuit. In his veins flows the blood of Lebrijano III, who is the sire of Utrerano VII (a 4 stamp stallion, including Elite status), who in turn is the sire of the famous and beloved Fuego De Cardenas, an Olympic stallion. Lebrijano III is a son of the immortal Agente, who was bred and owned by the Yeguada Militar, and one of the most famous horses in the history of the Yeguada Miliar and of Spain. Agente’s father was Maluso, an equally important stallion of the Miliatry Stud Farm and of Spain. These lines have always been linked to the most successful and accomplished dressage horses in the PRE breed.

“Dom” is a true gentleman, around people as well as other horses, yet he has plenty of “brio” to make him breathtaking. He has a rare 108.84 global genetic index score, and this is despite the fact that at revision, he only showed an agonizing slow Western trot. He had been in training to start under saddle with a western trainer, and she decided to “wear him out” the morning of revision, before we got there, and unbeknown to us. He did as he had been taught, and he was pulled out of that training, but the “damage” had been done. It just blows my mind that despite this, his score is so very high.

As a breeding stallion, we could not ask for more in a horse. He has proven himself to be an outstanding producer, with offspring that inherit his beautiful looks, calm, sensible temperament, and unbelievable rideability and trainability, as well as being a beautiful and correct mover. This stands true for the half Andalusians he has sired to date as well. They all look like purebreds and have his great looks.

Occasionally we have some of his offspring available, so please contact us now if you are interested in owning your own legend and future dream horse. He is also available at stud to a very limited number of outside mares, so please contact us if you want to create your own future Champion.

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