Havana PRO          Born: April 9, 2006
Urgel III   x  Gabrelita De BelTerra
Illuminada PRO          Born: May 11, 2007
Urgel III   x  Gabrelita De BelTerra
Jerezano PRO          Born: May 1, 2008
Urgel III   X   Gabrelita De BelTerra

 Kassanova PRO         Born: May 3,  2009
Urgel III   x   Gabrelita De BelTerra

 Marismeno PRO         Born: April 7, 2010
Urgel III   x   Gabrelita De BelTerra
Natie PRO         Born: May 31, 2011
Urgel III   x   Gabrelita De BelTerra

 Obelisco PRO         Born: May 20, 2013
Jalisco Dominante   x   Gabrelita De BelTerra

Presumida PRO         Born: May 3, 2014  
Jalisco Dominante  x  Gabrielita De BelTerra

Quisquillosa PRO       Born May 12, 2015  
Jalisco Dominante  x  Gabrielita De BelTerra

Romulus PRO          Born: May 30,2016
Jalisco Dominante  x  Gabrielita De BelTerra

Ungida PRO 

Unic x Bandolera CCCVI

Born March 3rd, 2019

Bandolera CCCVI 

Born September 29th, 2012
Granero V x  Carinosa CLXXXV

Black mare, imported from Spain, 16.3 hands

Revoltosa PRO

Jalisco Dominante and Mercedes PRO
Born March 3rd, 2016

Duquesa CCCL

Born March 1, 2016
Jordano VIN and CM Descarada

Duquesa is imported from Spain, and when we first saw just a few photos of this mare as a yearling, we knew we wanted her in our breeding program. Her beauty is legendary, and combined with movement that blew us away, she was the whole package we were looking for in a double dilute brood mare. My eyes water up with pride when I look at her. Imported at 1.5 years old, she has matured into the stunning mare we envisioned. She is tall, beautiful, and a movement machine, with a loving temperament that makes her so special. She loves her humans.

She will be bred at 4 years old for the first time, we believe in allowing our young mares to mature before breeding them. Sire is yet to be determined, and will be chosen very carefully according to our strict requirements.

Bred by the famous Yeguada Vinyet in Spain, out of qualificado bloodlines, Lebrijana is a sight to behold. She has everything you could possibly ask for in a PRE mare. Besides being a dilute mare (buckskin), she is beautiful beyond words, the biggest brown eyes you could wish for combined with a pretty face, correct conformation, 16.3 hands, and yes, MOVEMENT to die for. She is the sweetest mare, definitely not on top of the pecking order, but very easy going and a dream to be around. She is an amazing mother, and her first born colt for us, Ulises PRO, imported in utero from Spain, out of the now deceased isabello stallion Perales IV (he suffered a tragic breeding accident early summer 2019, and had to be put down) is a dream come true.

She has passed on her fantastic temperament, great conformation, and movement. We are retaining Ulises PRO (cream/pearl) as a future breeding/dressage stallion, for our own breeding program. The bloodlines are rare and now even more desirable in the US, no Paco Marti in a colored mare and Ulises PRO.

Happiness for us is to see her in our small herd and patiently awaiting her next baby. She was bred to our multiple National, Regional and National Reserve stallion, Jalisco Dominante for a 2020 foal. This foal has a 50/50 percent chance of being buckskin, tall, and a mover. Will be available for purchase to the discriminating buyer if a colt, may decide to keep if a filly for our own breeding program.

Our Current Mares

Revoltosa is a treasure to own. She is a beautiful red bay mare, out of Mercedes, an amazing mare we bred, with movement hard to find. Revoltosa has inherited the amazing movement of her parents. But besides her physical beauty and her movement, she has an amazing character. When cleaning the barn, she will very quietly walk up behind me and nuzzle me on my shoulder, telling me, hey, pay attention, I am here and need some loving from you. Such an endearing temperament makes your heart melt, at least, it does mine. She will come running across the fields, no matter how far, for a scratch and pat.

In the fall of 2019, Revoltosa will start her dressage training. Our Dutch trainer, Anthony Schmitz, starts the horses slowly, with lots of long lining and ground work before mounting them.

We will offer her for a short time for sale, and if she does not find a new home during that time, we will be adding her to our brood mare band.



Basia De BelTerra

June 25th, 2001
Favorito XLVIII x  Andoria


Jalisco Dominante and Destinada P
Born April 9th, 2018
These are the mares of Rancho Andalucia.  Each mare has been selected for her archetypal Andalusian movement, beauty, and temperament.  They are bred to our own multiple Champion, Grand Champion and National Champion stallion, Jalisco Dominante to offer you several quality offspring every year.  Each mare is a proven producer that has had many outstanding offspring for us, and Jalisco Dominante has already proven himself to be a phenomenal producer as well in the offspring he has produced so far.

Rancho Andalucia

Gabrielita De BelTerra

Born 20 May 2002
Gabeno  x Cielita Elegante

We are above the moon to have Tamarinda in our small herd. She is the daughter of Destinada P, one of the first horses we bred out of our imported Cartujano Stallion, Urgel III, and Hacendosa MAC, bred by the prestigious farm of the now deceased Miguel Angel de Cardenas. Hacendosa also was mostly Cartujan in her pedigree, one of the oldest and purest lines in the PRE. Both of those horses were phenonimal movers, and they have passed on their temperament and movement, as well as their beauty, all the way to his young filly. When one breeds strong lines, it is pretty much guaranteed that certain qualities will be passed on for many generations, as is the case with Tamarinda.

We gave her this name, because the mare Tamarinda was one of the best moving mares of all time in Spain at SICAB for many years, and many of you will recognize the name and remember the amazing mare she is named after.

Tamarinda is a solid bay, and we expect her to mature around 16 to 16.1 hands. She is spending her days grazing with the rest of the mare herd, playing with the other fillies, and simply enjoying her life.  For now, we are happy to have her and to watch her mature into the beautiful mare she is destined to be.

Absolutely beautiful mare out of 2 Multiple National Champion horses and National Champion producers. Both parents have absolutely stunning movement, Gabeno holds a title in Best Movement National Champion as well as many others.

“Gabi” as we call her lovingly around the farm is an absolute fantastic mover herself and has passed that movement on to each one of her offspring.  She loves attention, loves people, and is very smart. She has classic Spanish beauty, great bloodlines, one could not ask for more in a broodmare or friend.

She is so calm, she would make a perfect riding horse if we had time to ride. As soon as she sees us, she comes running (no treats involved, only scratching and talking).

Quimica FJ

Vulcano III and Estelita V
Born May 14th, 2013

Bandolera is an exceptional mare, and we fell in love with her when we first saw her in Spain. She has very correct conformation, is big bodied, has lots of bone, with correct movement, bred for dressage. She has good extension, elevation, and a ton of drive from her hind end. When we first saw her move, our jaws dropped. We knew she was destined to become a part of our small but elite breeding program.

In fact, when our European trainer saw her, he said he wanted to make her a riding horse.

She has a very affectionate personality, loves to have all the attention she can get, and is a stunning beauty to behold.

We are more than thrilled with her firstborn offspring for us, a black-bay filly, named Ungida PRO, (see below) which was imported in utero from Spain. We are retaining this filly for our own breeding program, as she is an amazing mover like her dam, and will be big. Look for her in the years to come.

Bandolera is the type of mare we wanted to breed to our multiple National Champion, Regional Champion, National Reserve Champion, Jalisco Dominante. She is a very fertile mare and took with the first breeding.

We will be offering the offspring from Bandolera and Jalisco Dominante for sale, as we unfortunately can’t keep every foal we produce. This is a great opportunity for the discriminating buyer to acquire a top quality PRE, with exclusive imported bloodlines, suitable for dressage, working equitation, or breeding. That they make the perfect best friend is a given. All our horses are well handled and love interaction with humans.

Lerna was our first cream/pearl filly, and imported from Spain in 2018 by us. Please note that in Spain a perlino is a cream/pearl, while in the US, a perlino is a cream/cream. Since our horses are color tested in Spain and their colors recorded in the Spanish Studbook, the LG ANCCE, we are maintaining the nomenclature as used and recorded in Spain.

We fell in love with Lerna when we first saw her pretty face, and her big, greenish tinged, brown eyes. Her sire, Impetuoso GAP II, does not carry any Paco Marti lines, and neither does her dam, Trufita II. We are thrilled to have a filly of this quality in our small but elite herd of PRE’s. Lerna will mature to around 16 or 16.1 hands. She is a very solid, compact mare, with good bone and movement. Her personality is another point we so adore, she is amazingly loving to be around , and a very curious, brave soul.

It is a rare find to have a colored filly with these bloodlines, combined with size, movement, beauty and great personality. We can’t wait for her to mature and to be bred. She will be bred to our future isabello stallion, whom we are importing from Spain, when she turns 4 years old.

We are so happy to have Penelope PRO back with us. She was sold, thinking that since we own the sire and dam, we will have many more of this fantastic cross. Qualificado lines on both sides.

But life never goes as you expect it to go, and sometimes bad things happen. As did on July 4th several years ago. In the early hours of the morning, there was a very mild thunderstorm, it passed in less than five minutes, but Penelope’s dam, our beloved Marea Caracol, and her amazing bay filly Rumbosa, only three months old, whom just the night before we were admiring and said we wanted to keep her, were both killed. There was no suffering, they were both gone immediately, laying next to each other. The loss is still felt by us today, the pain never goes away completely, but it eases up. I think of both of them often, and feel content knowing that they are running free in the never ending, green pastures of heaven.

We were especially sad, as we did not have another offspring out of Marea, since we had sold all of them. Penelope’s owner loves her, and was not likely to give her up, so we did not even ask to buy her back.

Then, the unexpected happened, sometimes yet again, circumstances change, and miraculously we were able to get Penelope back. She is a treasured part of our small herd of broodmares.

She had been in dressage training with her previous owner, and we have continued her training. She was long lined only for several months by our experienced Dutch trainer Anthony Schmitz, as he felt this was necessary. Penelope is currently going very well under saddle, and Anthony is continuing her training in dressage as well as jumping. She loves to jump, and is quite good at it.

We will breed her in 2020, but wanted to continue her training in 2019.

Lerna JL

Impetuosa GAP II and Trufita II
Born February 15th, 2017

Genetic code: ggEEaaCCRPrlpchchzz,

Registered as a Perlino in the LG ANCCE

We first saw Historica in Spain when she was barely over one year old. She was a very curious, beautiful, tall filly. When we saw her movement, which is simply amazing, we knew we wanted her in our small but elite breeding program.

Historica loves her people, and she comes running across the pasture when she sees us. She loves to have all the attention, and does not like to share us with her equine friends. She is easy going, and loves playing with the other horses also. She was imported from Spain together with Duquesa, and they still share a very close friendship. She also has another best friend, one of the older mares in the herd, and often times I will find her in a stall with the old mare and Duquesa, sometimes some of the other mares squeeze in with them as well.

We bought her to cross with our Multiple National, Regional, and National Reserve Champion stallion, Jalisco Dominante. We will not breed her until she is 4 years old, as we want to allow all our young mares time to mature. We are excited about the future offspring these 2 will produce, and will be offering the offspring for sale. Sadly, we can’t keep all of the foals we produce, and we are thrilled to be offering our high quality PRE’s to the discriminating buyer, and a chance to acquire an animal with rare imported lines from Spain.

Ungida is imported from Spain in utero. Her dam is our black bay mare Bandolera CCCVI, who is a sight to behold. She is a very big mare at 16.3, with big, bold movement. Her sire Unic is 17 hands, solid bay, with equally impressive movement.

Ungida was born on the coldest day of Spring 2019, in the early afternoon. We were outside, doing our afternoon chores, when I first noticed there was an extra horse in the pasture. She was trembling from the cold, as she was still wet. We walked her and Bandolera in the barn we had ready for the birth, and rubbed her dry with towels and straw. She was a big filly, very dark, with long legs.

This filly has already won over our hearts since she was born, and will become part of our broodmare band. She has excellent conformation, a very pretty face with big brown eyes, a very curious personality, fearless, always wanting to be in the middle of everything. Her movement is exceptional, as we would have expected from her sire and dam.  She is a treasured part of our program.

Genetic Code: ggEeaaccppchchzz

Registered as Negro in the LG ANCCE

Breeders of Pure Spanish Horses Since 1985

Penelope PRO

Jalisco Dominante x Marea Caracol
Born March 4th, 2014

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Genetic Code: ggeeAaCRCRppchchzz

Registered in the LG ANCCE as Cremello

Basia is gray, but genetically homozygous black, so produces color when bred to color. Her last 3 offspring have been bay, and black bay with our Champion stallion Jalisco Dominante. She has produced outstanding movement in all offspring. One of her fillies was takes straight out of the pasture with no training to win Best Movement at Fiesta Florida as a yearling several years ago.

She carries Paco Lazo bloodlines from her sire. Brother to father was Champion of Spain in 1992. Dam comes from very old Carthusian lineage (Terry line). You could not ask for more in a brood mare. She has been a consistent, great producing mare and is a cornerstone of our breeding program.  She is easy going and affectionate.  A very intelligent mare and great mother. A joy to own and be around.

Historica Lindavista

Unic x Tabardilla
Born May 17th, 2016

When we first saw Quimica in early spring of 2018, it was love at first sight. At that time, she was in Belgium in dressage training. Born in Spain, her owner had sent her to his father in law to be trained there. It was snowing, and her black coat with the white snow glistening as a stark contrast against it, snow flurries all around her, we fell in love with the black giant. At 16.2 +, she is a tank of a mare, and a sight to behold. She moved like a dream, a big, black angel, with a very affectionate heart.

Though we really were not looking for another horse at the time, the decision to bring her home was a quick one. We wanted her bred, and bred to none other than the famous isabello stallion Perales IV.

We had to ship her back to Spain for breeding, and she took quickly. Our hearts were so happy, as this foal had to be a black pearl. We had been looking for one to buy, but none were to be had. While I was hoping for a filly, Dieter was hoping for a colt.

We had already bought Bandolera, our other black mare, in the fall the year before, and she also had to be bred. We were waiting on word of her pregnancy to ship them both home together. The word came, and they made their way home late summer 2018. Our 2 black Spanish pearls, they have both given us much joy and happiness.

Mares like Quimica are a rare find, and especially when they can move and have size. She had a black pearl colt, whom we named Uther Pendragon PRO, the name seems so fitting to him. Dieter’s dream came true, and Quimica outdit herself. The colt is more than what we could have hoped for, and with his sire, Perales IV having to be put down due to a breeding accident shortly after Uther’s birth, makes him even more valuable to our breeding program, since he carries no Paco Marti lines.

We consider him and Quimica a true gift from heaven.

Quimica has been bred to our multiple National, Regional, and Reserve National Champion stallion, Jalisco Dominante. Being a fertile mare, she took with the first breeding. The expected foal should be dark bay or black, tall, and be a very good mover. It will be available for sale, since sadly, we can’t keep all the foals we breed.

Genetic Code: ggEeaaccppchchzz

Registered as Negro in the LG ANCCE

Lebrijana LXXXII

Lebrijano XLI x Rocio Veinticinco
Born July 7th, 2012


Galactica PRO          Born:  April 3, 2005
Urgel III   x   Basia De BelTerra

 Habanero PRO        Born:  March 21, 2006
Urgel III  x   Basis De BelTerra

 Intrepido PRO          Born:  April 26, 2007
Urgel III  x   Basia De BelTerra

 Jazminero PRO         Born:  April 25, 2008
Urgel III  x   Basia De BelTerra

 Kasandra PRO          Born:  May 5, 2009
Urgel III   x    Basia De BelTerra

 Leopardo PRO        Born:  April 22, 2010
Urgel III  x    Basia De BelTerra

Mercedes PRO          Born:  April 8, 2011
Romerito II   x   Basia De BelTerra
Poseido PRO         Born:  April 6, 2014

Jalisco Dominante  x   Basia De BelTerra