Revoltosa PRO

Born March 3rd, 2016

Jalisco Dominante   X   Mercedes PRO

This grey filly is destined to be a superstar.   Her beauty is inspiring, her movement is outstanding, and her personality is unsurpassed.  The other crosses we have had out of the same sire and dam have been absolutely stunning, and the same is true for her.

She loves people, you can’t go out into the pasture without her being right there to greet you. Very brave and curious as well, when Dieter is working on something, her nose is right there  in the way to see what he is doing, even if it includes noise, such as using equipment.

She will be a treasure for many years to come for the discriminating buyer. She would be an excellent broodmare prospect as a foundation mare for someone’s breeding program. For the dressage rider, she will be an excellent dressage prospect, as she has plenty of reach and lift, and the power comes from her strong hind end. Or for those looking for a best friend to share their life, her temperament makes her an excellent choice.   Priced at $ 18,000.00, price will increase with age.

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Poseido PRO                                     

Basia De BelTerra  X  Jalisco Dominante
Born 4-6-2014

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Marmolillo is a super cute gelding. Fell in love with him when I first laid eyes on him.  He is about 15.1 , grey, very Spanish looking boy. We are offering him up for sale to the right person as I just don’t have the time to ride him.   He is under saddle, listens to voice commands when lounging, and he goes walk, trot and canter solid and is schooling lateral work, shoulder in, side pass, etc.

He is going well under saddle, he is still green and just needs more consistent time under saddle.  He is very smart, willing to please, and tries to anticipate what you want. He is ideal for someone looking for a very baroque horse with a beautiful conformation  that will get attention.


This is a beautiful black bay colt with a flashy blaze and 2 hind socks. He had a very rough start in life, as he was attacked by a dog, and hurt very bad when he was only 4 weeks old.

He had to spend the next 5 months of his life in veterinary care, but thanks to nothing being spared to assure his recovery, he got away with some nasty scars on both his hind legs and his right fetlock tendon locks a little off, but he is sound, and he is happy and living a normal life.

He will make an awesome breeding stallion and should also make  a great riding horse for normal pleasure riding, likely more, as all this happened when he was so young and he will simply continue to grow out of it, he has never been lame, no bone injury, no OCD, (we had him xrayed on the affected leg) , so everything speaks in his favor.

We are offering him at a discounted price that will cover only the expenses of the veterinary care we have invested in him so far, which is a great value for an animal of this quality for a limited time.   After that, we will retain him for our own breeding program and will also keep him as a trail riding horse.  If interested, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss.

Quisquillosa PRO

Born May 12th, 2015
Jalisco Dominante x Gabrelita De BelTerra


We are so thrilled with this beauty. She is the first born out of our beautiful Mercedes PRO, a stunning 16.2 solid bay, big bodied mare and her sire is 16.3 black bay.

This will be a big girl. She is super friendly and inquisitive, just fun to be around her to cuddle. She is dark bay, and has a small star with 2 small, flashy hind socks. Her movement is excellent, which is what we expected out of this cross.

She will be a broodmare prospect, or as a riding horse we think she would excel in many disciplines, including dressage, as she has excellent reach, lift and plenty of power in the hind end. With her kind and inquisitive nature, she would make an awesome best friend.  $ 12,500.00 until weaned.


This colt is simply breathtaking. If you are looking for the ultimate in a future breeding or competition stallion, you have just found him. Romulus is a full brother to Obelisco PRO who is owned by Nicole Hill and he looks like a carbon copy. He is very baroque, yet very elegant looking, with an extremely strong hind quarter and huge drive from the hind end, truly has his motor in the rear.  Beautiful balance of reach and lift to make him very competitive in the dressage arena.

As a future breeding stallion, he displays beauty and classical traits of the PRE that makes this breed so highly sought after. He is highly intelligent, very independent, and loves people.

We are offering him for sale, but are not eager to sell him, as he will make a valuable addition to any breeding program, including our own. Horses like this are not often available for sale, and we do reserve the right to retain him for our own breeding program.

Romulus PRO                         

Gabrielita De Bel Terra  x  Jalisco Dominante
Born May 3, 2016


Marmolillo - SOLD

Presumido UVF  x   Alexa

Born January 10th, 2009

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