Ulyana PRO

Gabrielita De Bel Terra  x  Jalisco Dominante
Born:  May 8, 2019

Sicario PRO                         

Gabrielita De Bel Terra  x  Jalisco Dominante
Born:  May 4, 2017

This grey filly is destined to be a superstar.   Her beauty is inspiring, her movement is outstanding, and her personality is unsurpassed.  The other crosses we have had out of the same sire and dam have been absolutely stunning, and the same is true for her.

She loves people, you can’t go out into the pasture without her being right there to greet you. Very brave and curious as well, when Dieter is working on something, her nose is right there  in the way to see what he is doing, even if it includes noise, such as using equipment.

She will be a treasure for many years to come for the discriminating buyer. She would be an excellent broodmare prospect as a foundation mare for someone’s breeding program. For the dressage rider, she will be an excellent dressage prospect, as she has plenty of reach and lift, and the power comes from her strong hind end. Or for those looking for a best friend to share their life, her temperament makes her an excellent choice.  


Images by Cavalo Photography

This is a very special horse, and we had planned on keeping him as a breeding stallion in our own program, but since we are now keeping 2 colts from 2019, a cream/pearl and a black/pearl that were imported in utero from Spain, and the bloodlines are no longer available, since their sire died in a very tragic breeding accident early summer 2019. Horses of this quality are rarely ever offered for sale, but it would not be fair to Sicario to keep him now, since we are keeping the others, and will be importing an isabello stallion from Spain, hopefully fall of 2019. That is a lot of stallions, and they all deserve the same attention and love. If he does not sell, we will be using him as a breeding stallion until he does.

Don’t miss out, this horse will get you noticed, he is a rare gem, looking for his soul mate.

Tiberius PRO                         

Gabrielita De Bel Terra  x  Jalisco Dominante
Born:  May 19, 2018


Sicario PRO is a true beauty.

His name means assassin in Spanish, and we think of him as our “assassin of hearts”.

He is the color of freshly minted pewter, and with his black mane and tail, his big, dark brown eyes, one can not ask for more. He will be tall, we expect him to finish at least at 16.2, if not 16.3, like his multiple National, Regional and Reserve National Champion sire, Jalisco Dominante.

Sicario has a very calm temperament, is easy going, and loves hanging out with other horses and people. He comes running when he sees us from the other end of the pasture, and likes to get scratches from his humans. He also loves playing with his younger brother, Tiberius PRO.

His movement is very nice, and he is suitable for either dressage or working equitation, or even as a breeding stallion. With his size and bone, Spanish looks and easy temperament, he can go any direction someone would want to take him.

Romulus came out looking solid, and he has always been this way. He never went thru the ugly yearling or two year old stage, and as a three year old, looks finished (which he of course is not, since this breed does not even finish growing until seven or eight years of age).

He has a very easy going nature, he is very curious, checks things out, and is not afraid. He loves attention and being around humans. He likes to play and is very funny.

His movement is very nice. We believe we would be perfect for Working Equitation, and as a ladies horse, simply because of his size. He is currently 15.2, and should grow to 15.3, but he will not be the size of his sire, who is 16.3 hands.

Being a smaller horse, short coupled and very athletic, we believe he would excel in Working Equitation for sure, as well as being a perfect trail horse, since nothing seems to phase him. He grew up with other colts, and is very socialized, including with mares.

His under saddle training with our Dutch trainer Anthony Schmitz, will start fall of 2019, with several months of long lining, and by the time a rider gets on him, he will know the commands given. We believe we will be super easy, since that is his personality. Anthony has a plan all laid out for him, as soon as it gets a little cooler.

Tiberius is an amazing colt, very sweet, he acts like he is thinking about everything he does. Very calm, loves people, easy going. He has a rare shade of bay that is as much beautiful as it is unusual. He has the biggest deep brown eyes that will make your heart melt.

He is the youngest of the 3 brothers we have out of this cross, and is available to a home where he can have his own special person to love and cherish him as he deserves. We have to many stallions to be keeping him, and want him to be the apple of someone’s eye.

He should mature around 16.0 to 16.1 minimum, but could be taller.

This little hunk can move, and is a great dressage prospect. He would also be great for working equitation, or whatever his person would want him to go, including a breeding stallion.


Ulyana is a very special filly, out of the dream cross that has produced many outstanding offspring for us. She is the first filly after 3 years of producing colts. Her sire is a multiple National, Regional Champion that has a striking presence and beauty. Her dam is one of our foundation mares, and we have had her since she was only a yearling.

Ulyana will be turn grey with age, will be tall, and has the biggest brown eyes that let you look deep into her soul. She has a very outgoing personality, and prefers to hang out with the cool older horses in the herd over being at her mom’s side. When we took her mom to be bred back to Jalisco Dominante, she decided she didn’t want to come along, that was way to boring for her, and she ran off with the other young mares in the herd. Luckily her mom is a very calm soul, and she has had so many babies that she knows what is going on, the breeding process, and that her daughter would be just fine.

She is a great mover, and will be suitable for any discipline her soul mate would want to use her for.

Suitable as a dressage prospect, working equitation, trail rides or being a brood mare like her dam. She will make a perfect best friend, no matter what direction she will go.  Offered for sale, since we own her dam and sire.

Quisquillosa PRO (SOLD)

Born May 12th, 2015
Jalisco Dominante x Gabrelita De BelTerra

Romulus PRO is an amazing colt. He is a very solid build horse, and looks a lot like his sire, our multiple National, Regional, and Reserve National Champion stallion. He has the same shading of black and mahogany bay, and his conformation is impeccable. He has a small star right in the middle of his forehead, and one white hind sock, which adds character to his beautiful coloring.


We are so thrilled with this beauty. She is the first born out of our beautiful Mercedes PRO, a stunning 16.2 solid bay, big bodied mare and her sire is 16.3 black bay.

This will be a big girl. She is super friendly and inquisitive, just fun to be around her to cuddle. She is dark bay, and has a small star with 2 small, flashy hind socks. Her movement is excellent, which is what we expected out of this cross.

She will be a broodmare prospect, or as a riding horse we think she would excel in many disciplines, including dressage, as she has excellent reach, lift and plenty of power in the hind end. With her kind and inquisitive nature, she would make an awesome best friend. 


Revoltosa PRO

Born March 3rd, 2016

Jalisco Dominante   X   Mercedes PRO

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Romulus PRO                         

Gabrielita De Bel Terra  x  Jalisco Dominante
Born:  May 30, 2016


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