Euforica P

Born August 4, 2003
Urgel III x Hacendosa MAC

Our Previous Mares

Mercedes PRO

April 8th, 2011
Romerito II x Basia De BelTerra

Napoleon PRO      Born: May 31, 2012
Urgel III   x   Marea  Caracol

 Penelope PRO      Born: March 3, 2014
Jalisco Dominante   x   Marea Caracol

Rumbosa PRO      Born March 27, 2016
Jalisco Dominante  x  Marea Caracol

Imperiosa PRO

Born: April 18 th , 2007
Jorongo MOR x Euforica P

Elegante Cielita

Born: April  22, 1993
Bonito VIII   X   Danza Elegante

Bailadora HGA

Born:  February 2, 2006
Urgel III x Duquesa JDEC

Adams Acres Genevieve

Born 5-31-01
Gibson's Flash  x  Swordpoint Amanda

Hacendosa MAC

Born February 28, 1998
Rehala x  Jubiloso VIII


Campanero P        Born: July 11, 2001
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC

Destinada P      Born: July 31, 2002
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC
Read  about her  under Testimonials

Euforica P        Born: August 4, 2003
Urgel III   x  Hacendosa MAC

Financiero P     Born: Sept. 5, 2004
Urgel III   x  Hacendosa MAC

Galiciano PRO   Born: Sept. 18, 2005
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC

Hacendoso PRO   Born: Aug. 24, 2006
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC

Ilustrado PRO    Born: Aug. 3, 2007
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC

Jubilosa PRO     Born: July 21, 2008
Urgel III   x  Hacendosa MAC

Lancera PRO      Born: April 8, 2010
Urgel III   x   Hacendosa MAC

Mariscala PRO     Born April 13, 2011

Romerito II   x  Hacendosa MAC


Neapolitana PRO

Born: April 20, 2012
Luna Eclipse BMR x  Imperiosa PRO

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Imported from Spain as a yearling, bred by the distinguished Miguel Angel Cardenas stud farm in Ecija, Spain.  Prototype Spanish mare, beautiful, feminine, has been one of our foundation mares at Rancho Andalucía up to her recent sale. She has given us many superior offspring, some of whom were exported as far as Novo Scotia in Canada. HACENDOSA has phenomenal movement, and a gentle soul – A rare jewel.



Born February 28, 1998
Panadero XVI and Voluntaria XI


Hercules PRO
Born 6-2-06
Urgel III  x  Adams Acres Genevieve

Jacques PRO
Born 3-14-2008
Urgel III  x  Adams Acre Genevieve


Atlantico P Born: May 30, 1999
Zingaro III X Curiosa XXII

Bucephalos P Born: May 2, 2000
Urgel III X Curiosa XXII

Castillo P Born: July 16, 2001
Urgel III X Curiosa XXII

Descarado P Born: July 14, 2002
Urgel III X Curiosa XXII

Embustera P Born: June 3, 2003
Urgel III X Curiosa XXII

Flamenquita P  Born: Sept. 1, 2004
Urgel III X Curiosa XXII

Gladiador PRO Born: August 15, 2005
Urgel III X Curiosa XXIIO


Florencia P         

Born: July 15th, 2004
General   X   Franqueada I

Gibraltar PRO         

Born: June 14th, 2005
Urgel III   X    Franqueada I

This beautiful mare is imported from Spain from the stud farm of “Las Yeguas Des Caracol”.  Her sire is the distinguished qualified bay stallion Kalahari Azores, who has despite his young age sired several sons that are already registered in the book of Merits.  He is passing on his breed characteristics and rideability as well as nobility to his offspring. This is very apparent in his daughter Marea whom we were fortunate enough to acquire.  She has definitely inherited his nobility, size (he is 1,71m), and beauty.

Words can’t express how excited we are about Marea, she is a moving machine. A true powerhouse tank, and all that with a tender, kind temperament. She is a 17 hand mare, with big bone, that has given us some of the most amazing foals, and the cross with Jalisco Dominante is a breeders dream come true combination. Her foals are a combination of the best of Jalisco Dominante and Marea in one package, they have their parents good mind, easy to handle, size, great movers, and are very beautiful. She has produced grey and bay for us..


Imperiosa PRO

Born: April 18, 2007
Jorongo MOR x Euforica P

Lebrijana PRO

Born: May 28, 2010
Romerito II x Euforica P

Macarena PRO

Born: May 23, 2011
Romerito II x Euforica P  


Luminosa PRO

Born: March 19 th , 2010
Romerito II x Bailadora HGA

Matador PRO

Born: April 2 nd , 2011
Romerito II x  Bailadora HGA 

The foundation broodmares of  Rancho Andalucia and the phenomenal offspring they produced for us. 
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Marea Caracol

Born   Jan 3, 2006
Kalahari Azores  x  Juerga V


Filomena P         

Santiago   x   Elegante Cielita

Garbosa PRO         

Born: April  29, 2005
Urgel III   x   Elegante Cielita

Honrato PRO         

Born: April  28, 2006
Urgel III   x   Elegante Cielita

 Impetuosa PRO          

Born: April  20, 2007
Urgel III   x   Elegante Cielita

Justiciero PRO         

Born: May  8, 2008
Urgel II   x  Elegante Cielita

Beautiful solid bay moving  machine.  She truly deserves her name. A delight to watch in  action.  Super sweet temperament, loves to snuggle and be loved on.   Out of a homozygous black mare and bay stallion.

Her older sister, Galactica PRO, has won Best Movement as a yearling at Fiesta Florida several years ago, straight out of pasture with no prior training against a stiff competition. Her older brother is working towards GP in dressage with very good scores (both were out of our Urgel III). More recently, her half  sister (out of Romerito) has been qualified with some very high scores awarded  to her. From there, she has won several Championships under saddle and breed shows and become a star in the PRE world.   Please inquire about pricing.

Curiosa XXII

Born: February 28, 1994
Rumboso XVI  x Temerosa V

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