Rancho Andalucia

Uther Pendragon PRO

Perales IV and Quimica FJ
Born April 9th, 2019

 P.R.E. Imported In-utero from Spain
Dream come true colt. Jet black, carries pearl gene. Dieter had been hoping for this baby to be a colt, while of course, I had hoped it would be a filly. Dieter lucked out once again, and he got the black stallion he had been wishing for all these years. Uther was imported in utero from Spain.

He is out of the now deceased famous isabello stallion Perales IV, who had to be put down due to a breeding accident. Quimica is an outstanding black, tall mare who has very correct conformation and amazing movement. Uther inherited the best of both of his parents.

At a young age, he is fearless and very independent of his dam. He is curious, loves coming up to us when he sees us to get hugs and scratches. Loves to nuzzle us and wants to play. His conformation is very correct, and he already shows outstanding movement. He is very compact, and has a striking black coat. His name is perfect for him, as it gives him an air of mystique, which we feel truly fits him.

He loves spending time and playing with the other foals, and lives in a small herd. We like to socialize our colts, so they are used to being around other horses from a young age. We separate them from the mares and fillies at about 6 months of age, and then they grow up in a small group with other colts. This way they can develop muscle from playing with each other, as well as develop their lungs and social skills.

Dieter loves him, and is already counting the days to start his training. We are very excited for the future, and enjoy watching him grow up.

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Ulisis PRO

Perales IV and Lebrijana LXXX
Born June 3rd, 2019.

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Not sure where to start on this colt. Pure, sheer happiness. Love him so much. He is the long awaiting culmination of a dream. Our first born cream/pearl colt, imported from Spain in utero.

Ulises is very unique in the fact that he carries no Paco Marti lines through his sire, the famous isabello stallion Perales IV, nor his dam, who comes from the famous stud farm of Sanchez Barbudo, and her qualified sire, Lebrijano , who has won numerous Championships in Spain. The horses from this old stud farm are prized possessions by other breeders, as the farm’s horses are known for their type, beauty and movement.

Sadly, Perales IV had to be put down early summer 2019, before Ulises was even born, due to a breeding accident, and so this legendary stallion lives on through his progeny, which are mostly in Spain and some other European countries, including Germany.

Lebrijana is one of those truly rare gems within the PRE breed. She has correct conformation, and extraordinary movement. She is a very sweet mare, who gets along with any other horse, and will back away from confrontation if she can. She also loves people, she will come when she sees us, and nudge her head on us to elicit a pat or scratch. And Ulises is the same way. He has no fear, and is such a sweet colt. His conformation at this time is impeccable, and he promises to step into his father’s footsteps.

We will be watching our young colt mature into hopefully the stallion we think he will be one day. He is being retained for our own breeding program.

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