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Uther Pendragon PRO

Perales IV and Quimica FJ
Born April 9th, 2019

 P.R.E. Imported In-utero from Spain


Sonadora XXXIII x Ismaeli
Born: 10-01-2019
Black/Pearl Stallion

Uther was imported from Spain in utero.

We purchased his dam while she was in training in Belgium. She was shipped back to Spain, specifically to be bred to the isabello (Double pearl) stallion, Perales IV. After she was confirmed in foal, she was imported to the US by us. Uther is a revised stallion, which means he is an approved breeding stallion in the LGANCCE Spanish studbook. He is solid black, no white, and caries a pearl gene, which means he can produce isabello offspring, depending on the mare’s genetics. He is very interesting for producing either black, black pearl, or double pearl offspring, as his bloodlines are very rare in the US. In addition, his sire in Spain died a few years ago in a breeding accident, so the line is very rare even in Spain.

Uther Pendragon, the sire of King Arthur. What name could be more fitting for this royal black stallion, who looks like a medieval war horse. He stands about 165 cm.

Uther was born friendly and playful, even as a newborn, he wanted to be with people, tug on their hair and ears, following you around. Always playful, always curious, wanting to be in the middle of everything. Not afraid of anything. He is so much fun to be around, easy going. He is one of the most charismatic, beautiful stallions I have ever seen. The chiseled features of his face should be captured in a bronze statue. So much detail, large, expressive eyes. He has a long forelock and mane, and a full tail. His black color never sun bleaches, he is a deep black, summer and winter. His movement is very animated, and correct. Long reach and extension, with a good lift, and a very powerful hind end. Several Grand Prix riders have told us that this horse is born for dressage. He is currently in training with Patrick Sullivan, and does liberty work and walk, trot, canter, long lines.

Sadly, we can not keep another stallion, and we made the difficult decision to find him a new home. Placing him only in the best home, as he is part of our family. He would make a perfect riding partner for someone either in dressage, working equitation, since he is not afraid of anything, trail horse. He has the quality and bloodlines to make an exceptional breeding stallion.

Black stallion, carries one pearl gene. At age 4, he stands 16.2. Astro is a dream come true, black unicorn, with a heart of gold. There are some colors in the PRE breed in which it is near impossible to find an animal that has superior qualities, that is not just pretty because it has a rare color. And this rare gem was discovered by us, even though he did not fit what we were looking for. At least, not all the way.

On our trips to Spain in search of high-quality breeding stock, I fell in love with Ismaeli. He is one of the premiere breeding stallions in Spain, who is of the elusive Isabello (double-pearl) golden color. Standing next to this amazing stallion, I knew he was my very favorite, and that we wanted one of his offspring for our breeding program. Not only is he tall (a towering 175 cm), which I can verify as I have stood next to him in person several times, he also has perfect conformation, temperament, and movement. He is everything that dreams are made of.

As we were walking the fields of the prestigious PRE breeder, Paco Marti, we were looking for a double pearl colt. (Well, if truth be known, I secretly wanted a filly, as I truly am a mare person). Dieter wanted a colt. So we were both kind of looking for different genders, but I was pretty sure I could convince Dieter we needed another filly, and not a colt. We went there on several different trips, looking for the perfect horse(s). As many of you know, we have been breeding PRE horses for almost 40 years now, and are pretty picky. We first saw Astro next to his mom. He caught my and my husband’s attention right away. He was about a month old, and black, not double pearl. Wrong color! For me, wrong sex. But wow, what an exceptional colt. And, he was a son of Ismaeli. We asked if we could see him move. We were blown away, and that was that.

We both agreed immediately that he was THE ONE. We bought him, and that is when his breeder told us that he was the best black he has bred in 30 years. AFTER, and not before, we bought him. We have never regretted our decision. He and I bonded, which is rare for me to bond with a stallion, but he has my heart, and he would do anything for me. He has blossomed into the unicorn we knew we saw back in that field in Spain, amongst all the other golden horses. He is solid black, with not a white hair on him. He lives out in pasture, with access to a stall in the barn, next to several other stallions. His color does not sun bleach, he is a deep black summer and winter. He has solid bone, and a very baroque look. He has exceptional movement, with a very good lift, extension, and powerful hind end. He boasts legendary horses in his ancestry, such as Gaucho III, who is his great grandfather. Beauty, impeccable breeding, conformation, exceptional movement, and a great mind with a heart of gold.

Urgel III

Foundation Stallion
Revised P.R.E. Imported from Spain

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Wotan PRO

Duquesa CCCL X Pearl of Peace EV
Born: 04/27/2021
Cream/Pearl Stallion

Jalisco Dominante

16.3H Black Bay ANCCE Revised P.R.E.

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Wotan is a dream come true. His color is a cream/pearl, and his coat glistens in the sun with golden highlights, that gives him an almost ethereal aura. Combined with his breathtaking beauty, he looks like a unicorn. We expect him to finish around 16.1 to 16.2 h. He has a heart of gold, always comes to great us, and loves to give horsey kisses on my cheek, begging for treats. He is such a joy to share our lives with. His dam, Duquesa CCCL, was the most beautiful, true cremello mare that I have ever seen. When I first saw her, I knew I wanted her, no matter cost or anything. Her light blue eyes mesmerized me, and I fell in love.

Now, we are so blessed to have this beautiful son of hers. Because he carries a pearl gene, his eyes have a greenish shimmer to them, with is very different from the eye color of a double cream horse. His conformation is perfect, I can not see anything that I would fault him on. And when he moves, it takes our breath away. This is what dreams are made of.

The natural extension he displays at the trot makes our hearts skip a beat and brings pure joy to our heart and soul. I just can’t express enough how much I love this horse and how perfect he is. (this reminds me of a phrase my dear friend, Juan Llamas used to say all the time “there is no perfect horse”). And as I believe this is true, Wotan is as perfect as a horse can be. His sire, Pearl of Peace EV, sadly passed away several years ago, and left behind a legacy of superior offspring. Wotan is one of this superior lineage. Combined with the unicorn like Duquesa, he is in a class of his own.

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