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"...Only ask, and he will weave a spell to light the dark recesses of your being, spinning around you a web of sweet delights. He will be your children's playmate; a child himself, he'll do no harm. He'll pardon like no other your omissions, errors, thoughtless handling. His back, a throne of feathers, will bear you smoothly at the trot and gallop. He'll go where others dare not. He'll stand firm where others flee in terror. You'll discover that the piroutte is easy, that a rein back can go on forever, that you need not be a great rider to perform airs above the ground. At the spur's light touch he'll take flight with the wind, bearing you safly through the air laden with long forgotten fragrance. With him, the distant mountians will be clearer, brighter the light of the stars, the trilling of the nightingale more joyful, sweeter the gurgling of the streams. And at last you'll understand why he was e'er the chosen one of kings."

~Juan Llamas

Latest News

October 2008

New photos of Justiciero PRO, Jazminero PRO, Jerezano PRO, and Jalisco.

July 2008:

Over 100 new photos are up in the photo galleries, including photos of our new foals.

June 2008:

We have 4 new colts out of Urgel, all for sale: Justiciero PRO, Jazminero PRO, Jerezano PRO, and the Spanish-Norman colt Jacques PRO. Photos coming soon!

April 2008:

Foal out of Adams Acress Genevieve and Urgel III born March 14. Photos and more info coming soon.

September 2007:

New photos of most horses are up. New colt Ilustrado PRO added to site.

June 2007:

Four new foals added to the site. Two for sale: Intrepido and Illuminada. And two for our own breeding program Impetuosa and Imperiosa.

May 2007:

Details about Hacendoso PRO and Herminia PRO.

October 2006:

Many new photos of Urgel.

July 2006:

Three new foals! Herminia PRO out of Urgel and Eloisa, Honrato PRO, out of Urgel and Cielita, and our first cross... Hercules PRO, a Spanish-Norman colt out of Urgel and our Percheron mare, Ginny. Also, check out our photo galleries for lots of new photos of our current foals.


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